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Cloud services are a big driver of ROI. They can make your business more productive by enabling you to deliver services all over the world, and they do not take long to set up. The other benefits of cloud computing include improved security, performance and scale.

Speedster IT are partners of four major cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps and DigitalOcean. We can help you determine which of these is the most suitable for your requirements and support your business’s transition to the cloud.

Cloud Services Assessment

What Are Cloud Services?

Using the cloud is like moving an aspect of your business to a virtual data centre. Once it is there we manage and maintain it for you, so you don’t have to worry about this yourself. The cloud regularly updates itself too. This means you are always using the latest software and security patches.

With cloud services, you can run your servers, storage, databases, networks, software, analytics and intelligence online. Your business can be innovative, flexible and scalable. And you can spend more of your time working on ways to make your business more profitable and productive.

We offer four types of cloud computing:

Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The most basic type of cloud. It lets you rent IT infrastructure, such as storage and networks, on a pay-as-you-go model.

Platform-as-a-Service. Gives you quick access to the elements you need for developing web and mobile applications over the internet. There is no need to manage the underlying infrastructure.

Software-as-a-Service. For delivering software applications over the internet. The provider hosts and manages your applications, making it easy to use them on multiple devices.

Serverless. Create and use applications without thinking about servers. This type of cloud eliminates the need for infrastructure management tasks.

We can deploy your cloud in one of three ways:

Public. The services and infrastructure are provided to you by a third party supplier over the internet. However, you are not the only one using these services. The supplier is also providing them to other companies and you share the cloud space with them.

Private. Your company gets its own network. You can choose to host it in your own data centre or have a third party supplier host it for you. Either way, you will be the only one using it.

Hybrid. A combination of public and private cloud features. You can move data and applications between the two, so you could have your emails in public and sensitive reports in private.

We use a five-step process to implement your cloud:

  1. Assessment. We review your current applications and infrastructure to determine which service provider, type of cloud and deployment method to use. We also ensure your internet connection is powerful enough to support the cloud.
  2. Outline. A detailed picture of how your new cloud infrastructure will look and operate. You can ask any questions about our proposed setup at this stage.
  3. Create. Your new infrastructure is built.
  4. Conversion. We move your data and systems into the cloud.
  5. Maintain. Your new infrastructure is managed and maintained by us. Security and software updates occur automatically.

Our cloud portfolio

Start your cloud journey with a range of products that will transform the way you work – whether it be working in Office 365 on the go or a simple file back-up to the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365

Provides the familiar Microsoft Office suite on any device anywhere – a truly mobile office. On an affordable monthly licensing plan.

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With Speedster Cloud Sync, you can set up continuous real time back-up of synced files and folders.

Learn more >

Speedster Cloud Sync

Our file sharing tool provides secure access and distribution of files wherever your users are and on any device.

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Google Apps

Proactive management and monitoring of your Google Apps domain.

Microsoft Azure

Let us help you implement and make the most of the awesome functionality of this cloud infrastructure platform.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite -

Providing a single sign-on to thousands of popular SaaS apps.

Private Cloud

Bespoke cloud solutions

If you are in a sector where security and compliance is vital, such as the financial sector, then a private cloud network may suit you best. The good news is Speedster have been delivering these for almost a decade in our own secure UK data centre.

Learn more >

Managed Hosting

We take a bespoke approach to managing our clients’ server.

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Cloud Services Assessment

With our cloud assessment, you will discover which service provider, cloud type and deployment method can offer your business the most ROI. Book today and start realising the benefits of cloud computing.

Book Assessment

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