Our SharePoint Consultants can help you to deploy the latest on-premise or cloud Microsoft SharePoint solution.

SharePoint is, put simply, a document storage, sharing and collaboration tool for businesses. It allows teams to collaborate on projects, work on documents together, share files, safely and securely store data and stay up-to-date with company news. Users can find this all in one place, regardless of what device they’re using or where they are in the world.

Sharing and collaboration line art

Sharing and collaboration

Empower your teams to work, share and collaborate by providing them with dynamic team sites. Team sites can be created for individual departments, divisions or project teams. You can connect libraries, lists, pages and all the resources users may need across Office 365 and more.

SharePoint provides the ability to manage files, work on documents collectively, gather data, track tasks and deadlines and keep all team members up to date with company and project news. Find it all in one shared place, providing secured permissions to ensure only appropriate information is accessible by the correct users; with full tracking of access and changes for important version control.

Transform businesses

Transform business processes

Increase your team’s productivity by transforming processes from simple tasks such as approvals and authorisations to complex workflows. SharePoint has so much capability, you can even search employee skill sets so you can identify the best people for certain tasks. And therefore, make recommendations and insights that guide your team to the right people, right sites and right files. All quickly and efficiently, avoiding exhaustive searches for the right information.

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Our Consultants 

Our experienced SharePoint Consultants are here to help you get the very most out of your SharePoint requirements and to ensure your business is aware of all the possibilities.

Our SharePoint Consultants are very experienced at onboarding customers onto SharePoint and can assist with migrating all your current documents, files and libraries into SharePoint, regardless of applications you are using currently. Whether you are On-Premise using file servers or are using Dropbox, Box or Google Drive we are experienced at moving companies onto a more productive, secure and flexible environment. We take the hassle out of moving and help you unlock your users and data potential.

During the migration, our specialists can review how your data is structured to ensure that SharePoint is deployed exactly as required. Organisations that we have moved often relish the opportunity to straighten out and tighten up the access and structure of their data. And we can support you through this whole process.

Our SharePoint Consultants will take you through a proven process from Discovery, Design and Testing to Deployment and Review. Providing an important follow-up that feeds into further development as well as deeper levels of training.

A fully thought out SharePoint deployment will become a cornerstone to your business; helping users to be better informed quickly, improving collaboration between teams, individuals and departments and by allowing multiple users the ability to work on documents together. All hosted on the most secure platform, providing you all the compliance that you could need.


To find out more about Microsoft SharePoint and how to adopt this solution into your business get in touch by emailing [email protected] or call us on 0203 011 1234.