Speedster Cloud Sync provides an easy Dropbox replacement with secure and easy file sharing and document collaboration between PCs and mobile devices.

This allows business users to sync sensitive corporate files between servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and the cloud whilst ensuring the highest grade of security.

Enterprise-grade file sharing

The application provides secure access and distribution of files wherever your users are and on any device. Speedster Cloud Sync is an enterprise-grade file sync tool that tracks all user activity and document activity. Speedster Cloud Sync can also be used to cloud-enable a client’s server, lessening their dependence on any existing setups such as VPN and FTP connectivity. Speedster Cloud Sync has been designed for improved performance and protection unlike consumer-orientated applications, meaning a true OneDrive or Dropbox replacement.

Secure and easy sharing

Work with employees and other team members using share links, expiration dates, download limits and password protected shares.


Sync across all devices

Sync data across servers, desktops and laptops, tablets and mobile devices so users can stay connected and productive regardless of location and device.


Reduce dependence on VPN and FTP connectivity

The TeamShare facility will cloud-enable existing file servers, lessening reliance on cumbersome FTPs and VPNs.



With Speedster Cloud Sync, you can set up a continuous real-time back-up of synced files and folders.


Private or Public Cloud

Speedster Cloud Sync can be configured as a public or private cloud, dependent on a company’s user needs and industry regulations