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How to Export Groups and Members via Powershell in General Service Questions
Feb 11th 21

This guide shows you how to export a list of all Distribution and Security groups on your Office 365 as well as members of each group using Powershell. First Open up PowerShell ad Administrator and ...

AD recycle bin. in Senior Engineering Team Articles
Jan 14th 21

To enable the Recycle Bin feature, from the PowerShell, by running ‘import-module activedirectory’ and type the following command: - Enable-ADOptionalFeature -Identity 'CN=Recycle Bin Fea ...

SharePoint Best Practices to Help Out End Users in Support Desk Articles
Dec 27th 20

SharePoint Best Practices to Help Out End Users Name Your Document Libraries and Files Properly One of the SharePoint document management best practices is proper document naming. Why is it so ...

Microsoft Teams my webcam or microphone will not work on a call in Support Desk Articles
Dec 3rd 20

First you need to make sure that your webcam and microphone are selected before joining or starting a call/meeting. When you register, you will see a toggle switch for your webcam on the left of the ...

Convert VMDK 2 VHD in Senior Engineering Team Articles
Nov 24th 20

First you will need to download and install Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.0 from Microsoft’s website. Next, open an elevated PowerShell prompt and run these command (changing the paths to m ...

VoIP Handset Registration Issues in VoIP Team Articles
Nov 15th 20

Handsets become unregistered when they are no longer able to reach the Cloud Phone Platform. The most common cause for this is loss of internet connection but can also be caused by local network ...

Internet outage or Slow Speeds – What do I do? in VoIP Team Articles
Nov 9th 20

Website loading slowly or failing to load and video buffering are examples of the impact of slow Internet speeds. There are two types of issues that impact internet performance, Physical faults with ...

Windows split screens! in Support Desk Articles
Nov 5th 20

Windows split screens : This will move current window to the left or right and give option to select other window to be placed on either side

VCenter 6.7: Resizing disk fails with an error message. in Senior Engineering Team Articles
Nov 5th 20

My VCenter recently failed to resize a disk with error “Invalid operation for device ‘0’”. Here’s how I solved it. VEEAM failed recently to backup one of your servers. The error message was “Error: V ...

Add an app to run automatically at startup in Windows 10 in Support Desk Articles
Nov 2nd 20

This is How to get an App to Run Automatically Windows 10 Select the Start button and scroll to find the app you want to run at startup. Right-click the app, select More and then select Open file lo ...

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