How to Reduce your IT Spending During Lockdown

During the lockdown, it is imperative that we all pro-actively reduce our overheads in order to minimize the impact of this unprecedented time on our businesses. At Speedster IT, we have put together some quick tips on how companies can reduce their IT expenditure without compromising on service.

Here are five IT areas of expenditure that you can review and revise to save costs during lockdown.

 1. Internet services – Most organisations have a backup line to their primary circuit. An easy option is to cease the backup line with a view to reinstating this when you can return back to normal.  In addition, it is worth checking the contract of your primary circuit. If you are out of contract, it is worth renegotiating as the cost of leased lines has dramatically reduced over the last few years.

2. Phone servicesDeskphones – If you have already made the move to VoIP telephony then reducing the number of licenses that you have should be straightforward. The suspension of  non-essential phonelines can add up to a big saving.

3. Wireless services –Most wireless services will be delivered through your access points installed into your venues/offices and these can be suspended remotely if you have a cloud controller with a click of a button and when you come back can similarly be turned again. Charges for wireless services can vary dramatically and depends on your providers approach.

4. Email and file sharing licenses– We would recommend running an audit of your licences for applications such as email services like Gmail, Office 365 and file storage applications such as Sharepoint and Dropbox. Spare licences can be both permanently or temporarily ceased by the simple click of a button and will have an immediate cost reduction. They can then be reinstated as and when you need on an individual licence-by-licence basis.

5. IT Support– As more and more of us are working remotely, the suspension of you IT Support should be considered as a last resort as it is the communications platform for all your team. From a technical point of view, it also provides your eyes and ears to the business – especially if you are in the hospitality business and your premises is closed. In all cases, we would recommend discussing your situation with your IT provider and mutually agreeing your new level and type of support during this lockdown.  Sympathetic IT providers are likely to agree to suspending IT Support or provide a lower level of support. They may also be able to suggest low cost enhancements to your IT infrastructure whilst you are working remotely.

At Speedster IT, we have been working proactively with all our clients to support them in these difficult times – many of whom are in the hospitality sector. If you are looking for advice in these unprecedented times, we would be more than happy to help. Please call Nick Robinson on 0203 011 1234 for a discussion. Stay safe.