Scalable IT solutions – Flexibility built in

Cloud computingIt is hard to find an area of business that hasn’t been improved through IT Innovation, it is also very difficult to predict where the next breakthroughs may come. All we can be sure of is that it is critical today to be working with systems and technologies that can accommodate progress quickly, efficiently and economically. The convergence of technologies and the collaboration of developers and manufacturers is bringing many business benefits and you want to ensure you are working with an IT provider that positions scalability and flexibility into its every suggestion and solution, its very DNA.
One such example of IT innovation is the general move away from locally hosted servers and applications and the move towards hosted services and cloud based solutions. An additional consideration is that the world is becoming smaller, people are working longer hours and they want all the services they expect in the office also out on the road, in a café, on their tablet, on their mobile. Basically on any device, anywhere, anytime – with Cloud based services these requirements are not just a possibility they are a reality. Now that is what we call scalability and flexibility!

Benefits of Hosted Cloud Services

Sometimes the best way forward for some organisations with multiple servers, is to stage any move where the benefits of cloud can tested, users can feel the advantages and greater accessibility and you move gradually and confidently to a hosted platform. if you would like to discuss a test then give us a call and we can discuss how this could be carried out. Below are some of the clear benefits:
  • Less dependency on expensive, demanding and inflexible solutions
  • Security and resilience are as high as you can get
  • Regain some office space as you can downsize your Comms room
  • Productivity rockets as people can access what they need where and when they need it
  • Scalability and flexibility guaranteed
  • Pay as you grow – Decrease as you need


The scalability also allows for unprecedented flexibility: pay-as-you-grow is no longer a marketing term, but an easy to accomplish concept. These future-proof solutions allow us to add resources with no trouble at all, without any interruption to your existing service. Cloud services are like an elastic band you can expand and contract services as you need them and costs move in relation – up and down.

If you would like further information on Cloud services or Hosted Services or would like to discuss a test give us a call on 0203 011 1234 or e-mail [email protected].