IT Support 24/7 – Speedster monitors and manages your needs

Speedster_Final-(25)The Speedster IT Helpdesk is one of the key components of the IT Support Service we deliver. Your users can call the Speedster IT Helpdesk at any time of the day, from any location. When we set up your IT infrastructure we enable monitoring and alerts so we can be kept informed of any issues. However, we are happy to handle any issues over the phone at any time.

How does 24/7 IT Support work?

For a pre-agreed monthly fixed fee per user, the Speedster IT Helpdesk service includes:
  • 24/7/365 IT Helpdesk for Remote Support
  • Unlimited support, our pricing is simple it includes all helpdesk support
  • Monthly reports detailing how many calls were logged and trend analysis
  • SLA’s for incident response and resolution

Business IT support all year around

Whether you are looking to outsource your IT, extend the capability of your existing team or looking for expertise to assist with a core IT project, we have the experience to help your company. We have been a leading provider of IT Support and Managed Services within London since 2004, which means we have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Whether you want to outsource one element of your IT or the whole network, we are happy to assist you through your requirements.

Located in central London, Speedster IT have a dedicated team of in-house IT experts with decades of experience and expertise working with national, regional and local businesses. Get any issue resolved quickly and keep your business running. You need the specialist support at your fingertips to prevent disruption and we have engineers who support businesses every day.

24/7 IT support provider in London

With 24/7 information technology support and services capabilities, it will be like having your own in-house IT department. We are an IT services company based in central London, and we focus our services around productivity for our customers ensuring they are saving their business money and time. Our business core values are customer satisfaction, integrity and our expansive IT knowledge and expertise available for your business 24/7.

Any company operating in this modern and fast moving world will fail to stay competitive if it ignores technological advancements. For small and mid-sized businesses, having an in-house IT department does not fit within their budgetary constraints. When it comes to IT support for small businesses, Speedster IT offers the best solution. Speak with us today to discuss how we can provide an outstanding service to your business.

We have many 24/7 customers, especially in the hospitality sector, and for these organisations having their IT and Internet monitored and remotely dealt with is critical.

If you would like to know more about our 24/7 IT Support in London or would like to organise a meeting to discuss your requirements call 0203 011 1234 or e-mail [email protected].