Landlords and owners of co-working spaces have challenges with IT services that are uncommon in corporate offices. For instance, it’s the users that drive technology developments, and the IT teams must learn how to best provide for these needs. As users will be working for different companies, with multiple aims and a broad spectrum of technologies, there needs to be a flexible IT infrastructure in place.

We can help you in overcoming these distinct IT challenges when setting up your co-working space. With our unique experience of providing tech support for co-working space landlords and owners, which includes providing reliable Wi-Fi connections, reviewing security structures, and offering technical support, we’re confident you’ll be happy with our inclusive service.

Why Speedster?

Productivity with Office 365

An All-in-one Service

In most cases, you’d have to go to several providers for your building’s Wi-Fi installation, VoIP setup, technical support and hardware. Not with Speedster. We offer a 360° solution and provide all of these services for a fixed cost.

Collaboration with Anyone

Five Years’ Experience

We’ve been helping our clients to make the most of co-working spaces for five years. Our customers will tell you our IT experts are friendly, highly knowledgeable of their companies, and valuable resources who feel like a part of their team.

Unlimited Access to IT Support

We offer unique and uncapped monthly access to our IT support helpdesk. So there’s no need to worry about large and unbudgeted support costs racking up. We can also offer advice on using technology to increase growth and productivity.

Access to Revenue Streams

Co-working landlords can also benefit from working with Speedster IT. We provide a shared revenue on services that we may provide directly to your tenants such as VoIP (phones), Internet, IT Hardware and software services. Our existing clients find these a very valuable ongoing additional revenue stream.

“We went to Speedster for help with the setting up of our coworking space IT. They provided us with an efficient service and we’d happily recommend them to any business interested in coworking spaces.”
Ola Akinyemi,

Let us Answer Your Workspace Tech Support Services Questions

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