Hosted VoIP Call Quality issues – What do I do?

Choppy, delayed, and/or garbled audio are some examples of call quality-related issues. There are a number of potential causes for low call quality but some of the most common Internet instability/low speeds or external party issues(poor mobile phone signal etc)

The Cloud telephony platform monitors the passage of the call data across the system and it is possible to review these to provide indications on where the issue arises. It is vital that call examples are provided to allow the support team to investigate the issues. As a minimum you should include the below when logging a case.

  • Time of call
  • Caller/Callee number
  • Type of issue experienced

In addition to the above these would also be useful to include

  • Scale of issue
    • Is this impacting everyone on-site or every call
  • Is the general internet of site impacted?
  • Additional examples

With the above information, we will work to identify the root cause of the issue and work to resolve this for you.

please then send this information to helpdesk.

Last updated on 15 Oct 2020
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