Internet outage or Slow Speeds – What do I do?

Website loading slowly or failing to load and video buffering are examples of the impact of slow Internet speeds.

There are two types of issues that impact internet performance, Physical faults with the internet equipment or cabling and service faults with the carrier.

Below are the first steps required when troubleshooting slow speeds

• Power: Is the router and other equipment turned on, have there been any power outages today?
• Cabling: is there any visible damage to the cabling, phone socket or filter? If possible please replace any item that appears damaged
• Reboot: Power off the internet router for 5 minutes before turning it back on.

If the issue remains after the above has been completed an engineer will need to investigate further. Please log a case to the helpdesk with the below details

• When did the issue first arise?
• Is it an intermittent issue or does it arise periodically?
• Does the issue impact all users and services on-site?
• Has any work been completed on-site that may impact the Internet service?

Once the case has been created an engineer will attempt to access the site remotely to investigate the issue along with logging the issue with the Internet Carrier to review their infrastructure.

Where possible we recommend that all sites have backup internet service for resiliency.

Please contact the Engineer if you would like to review possible backup internet options – 02030111234.

Last updated on 22 Mar 2022
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