Microsoft Teams my webcam or microphone will not work on a call

  1. First you need to make sure that your webcam and microphone are selected before joining or starting a call/meeting.

When you register, you will see a toggle switch for your webcam on the left of the Join now screen.

You will also see a toggle switch for your microphone on the left. – Make sure both are on.

You will also need to click on the cog in the settings and choose Micro PC and speakers and make sure you’ve selected the default microphone and speaker from the list.

If it still doesn’t work, the problem may be due to permissions.

If you are using the Teams web app, you must make sure that you have granted permission to your web browser and the web page to use your webcam and microphone.

Typically, you will get a To allow quick. Otherwise, you will need to change your privacy settings.

In Windows 10, you can check your privacy settings for the webcam and microphone by tapping Webcam in the search box or in the Start menu.

Choose the option for “Choose which apps can access your webcam “ then scroll to the bottom of the list to make sure Microsoft Teams and your web browser are turned on.

You can also search Microphone then choose Microphone and privacy settings then check if your microphone is on.

If you are on a Mac, you can check your privacy settings by clicking on the Apple menu and choosing System preferences.

You will then want to click on the Security and confidentiality section and then click Camera.

Tap the prompt that says Click on the lock to make changes and enter your password.

You can then authorize the teams to access your camera. Also repeat the process for the microphone.

Last updated on 22 Mar 2022
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