VoIP Handset Registration Issues

Handsets become unregistered when they are no longer able to reach the Cloud Phone Platform.

The most common cause for this is loss of internet connection but can also be caused by local network issues or faulty cabling.

The first step in troubleshooting this issue is to determine how many phones on site are impacted. If all phones on a particular site are working, the first place to look is the internet service.

A general internet issue would normally impact other devices on-site, including computers, so these should be tested for internet connectivity. If an internet issue is confirmed resolving this will restore the phone services.

If your phone is the only device that is having issues the most likely cause will be a cabling or network issue.

Below are the initial steps identifying the root cause.

• Reboot the handset, software, or App.
• Check cables for any visible damage and replace as required
• Swap a working handset with the non-working handset will confirm if the issue is with the handset or the cabling.

This information will allow engineers to quickly investigate and identify the cause of the issue and resolve accordingly.

Last updated on 22 Mar 2022
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