Microsoft Teams has arrived on Office 365!

Microsoft formally launched its newest app; Microsoft teams, a messaging-centric collaboration tool for anyone with an Office 365 subscription. Teams is a software-as-service application based around chatrooms and as a direct slack competitor, holds a very similar set of features. However, Microsoft has promised ongoing evolution, as we can expect more integration with third party software vendors permitting teams to flow into their apps in the future. Although Teams has taken a little longer than expected, initially being planned for a January launch, it has been worth the wait! Here we will take you through some of our favourite features to help you get to grips with the benefits of Microsoft teams.

Private Chat

With a persistent history feature, Microsoft teams can easily keep track of all your conversations, whether that be one to one communication or through the creation of small private groups to collaborate. This means that your activity homepage will keep track of your actions and show what your teams are up to, files uploaded, messages waiting and meetings etc. Teams also have the ability to be used in conjunction with skype for business, meaning that whatever application you are using, both are interchangeable. This allows for text based conversations in teams to evolve to a skype meeting in seconds with similar audio and visual capabilities. Microsoft teams private chat.jpg

Team Communication/Chat

As mentioned above, Microsoft teams allows for group communication to a team of staff. This means that each department within your business has the facilities to collaborate, upload files, photos, notes (from OneNote) and much more into one dedicated stream. Teams also aims to make group collaboration a fun experience for the whole office. Brian MacDonald, head of Microsoft Teams states that,
“We wanted to say that companies and groups that adopted and made good use of Teams, would enjoy working together more […] We thought this was super important. In the past people worked to live; now they want to live at work.”
This positive and entertaining nature is reflected the additions to chat, such as Gifs, stickers, an inbuilt gif creation tool and emoji’s. MacDonald went on to further comment,
“It raised some eyebrows with a set of folks, the amount of time that we invested in the first version to have things like a fancy Giphy picker, editable memes, and a set of retro Office stickers,” (THEVERGE).
(Here at Speedster-IT we are certainly enjoying it!) microsoft teams group chat.jpg


Microsoft Teams lets you schedule meetings to team members or contacts quickly and easily. These meetings automatically go in to your Outlook calendar and email your recipients. microsoft teams meetings.jpg

Files and integration properties

The benefit of Microsoft teams is that it is directly integrated into Office365. It keeps track of all files uploaded to Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and all the recent files you’ve accessed in Office 365 apps. This allows you to quickly get back to documents you were working on, even if weeks have gone by in between. Additionally, this allows for files to be sent directly to teams without the need to sage them onto your desktop. microsoft teams files.jpg With more content scheduled to be added every month from Microsoft. Ultimately their aim is to unify Office 365 and Teams so that Office 365 can be the core of your company and only application you need! We hope this Microsoft teams walkthrough has been helpful. If you would like to organise a 30-day free trial of Office 365 to experiment with Microsoft teams yourself – get in touch! Speedster IT can help you make the most of Microsoft Office 365 solutions. Get in touch on 0203 011 1234 or drop us a line with our specialised contact form.