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Making communication, collaboration and customisation easy

Microsoft Teams Solutions is a business application that makes communication, collaboration and customisation easy.

You can use Microsoft Teams to host private and group chats, video calls and web conferences. You can use it to share and access documents whenever you’re working in a group. And you can use it to access and work on non-Microsoft applications.

Teams comes as part of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription. It’s a cloud application, which means you can use it on any device that has an internet connection. We’ll help you get started with this powerful business tool.

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83% say “Teams has helped my organisation improve customer experiences.”

Key Microsoft Teams Features

Work with others using this secure cloud platform


With Teams, you can host instant messaging chats, video calls and web conferences. All from one application. You can have a one-on-one private chat or up to 100 users in a group chat. If you work for several companies, you can have a Teams account for each of them. Get your team on the same page with group chat, join a meeting easily with real time calling and web conferencing. With screen sharing, custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams make video conferencing, online meetings more fun, comfortable, and personal


As it’s part of your Office 365 subscription, Teams can be used with other Microsoft applications. You can easily access Word, PowerPoint, Excel and SharePoint from within your Teams dashboard, and schedule online meetings in your individual Outlook invite Calendar.


As well as Microsoft apps, you can use Teams to access third-party tools. So if you’re working on a project involving these, you can get to them from your Teams dashboard. Some of the apps you can reach from here include Google Analytics, Trello and Salesforce.


Get end-to-end security and compliance, admin control and compliance – all powered by Office 365. Teams comes with encryption, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and customisable admin controls. Communications are encrypted at every stage, while MFA and admin controls make it easy to block out potential intruders.

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Microsoft Teams Solutions for Business Benefits

Get more done and speak to more people, all in a secure way

Access From Anywhere

You can use Teams on any device that connects to the internet, and in any location. You could be using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, and be working at the office or from home. Just get connected and you’re ready to go.

Smooth Working Between Apps

With easy access to Microsoft and third-party apps, you can get lots done from a single dashboard. And since you can message and call anyone with a few clicks, collaboration has gotten even simpler.

Reliable and Reassuring Security

All of the data you store in Teams is hosted in Microsoft’s secure UK data centres. With encryption, MFA and customisable admin controls, you can make sure nobody has access to data they shouldn’t while maintaining accessibility.