Guest Wifi & Secure Wifi - Grow your Hospitality Business

Manage and protect your guest Wifi like never before with Speedster Wifi £10PCM

Meet user demand without the connectivity risk- Were specialised Hospitality Systems Consultants

Every day customers seek out reliable and secure Guest Wifi, so why not make it a priority in your hospitality business.

With our hospitality wifi solutions, you don’t just provide a service to your guests. Our WiFi capabilities go beyond providing just internet access.

By offering secure connectivity to the internet, your customers can access the information they need without having to worry about their data being exposed or vulnerable to cyber threats.

As UK hospitality industry consultants, we know that providing a good digital guest experience
and Secure Guest Wifi will in turn offers repeat business and gives your customers the peace of mind knowing their personal data is protected.

Grow your business and stay one step ahead with Speedster secure WiFi solutions today!

Customers are increasingly aware of the need for protecting their data and want assurance that their information is safe while they are enjoying the services of your business.

Our wifi networking solutions for the hospitality industry, designed for the UK hospitality sector provides end-to-end encryption to secure guest data and utilizes DNS-based filtering along with cloud protection-based services as the first layer of defense against potential threats such as phishing and malware.

Whether your looking for wifi solutions for hospitality, wifi for your bar, wifi solutions for hotels or restaurant wifi solutions offering a unified guest experience is paramount.

Our guest wi-fi solution is encrypted for total security, customers can have peace of mind when using your service.

Trust us at Speedster IT to provide you with safe and secure guest wifi solutions so your guests can enjoy their experience without the worry of their data being compromised!

Guest Wifi Solutions Built for the Hospitality Sector by Experts hospitality consultants UK

We have been hospitality business consultants in London to some of the world’s most famous hospitality brands.

As IT support and Security experts in the hospitality industry, we have developed a bespoke wi-fi solution, which integrates with your current hospitality systems.

Our guest wifi solution can be:

  • Individually branded
  • Offers first-class hospitality wifi support and captures valuable marketing data like email addresses and any other information specified.
  • Offer your guests a bespoke, secure digital guest experience.

Hospitality Consultants London – Secure Wifi solutions from the UK’s top consultants for the hospitality industry:

  • Thorough & reliable coverage – We set up solid coverage and resilience through backup internet
  • Web management portal – Easily export marketing data at the click of a button
  • Social media signals & wifi analytics for hospitality – increase engagement with your customers and make your marketing super easy!
  • Customised marketing intelligence – Get the insights you need to succeed.
  • Personalised landing page – Get the perfect wifi landing page for your business
  • Robust security features – Protect your business from illegal activity

Only we have this level of protection for your business