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IT Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Here at Speedster IT, we’re confident we can provide the ongoing IT support and Insurance IT solutions your insurance company needs to function properly, continue to run as a successful and secure business. Working with the leading insurance businesses across the UK, you can be assured our team is experienced in handling your business processes, risk management requirements, and insurance IT solutions.

As the largest and most profitable industry in Europe, we recognise the UK insurance sector and insurance market as one of the most valuable business assets which is why we work hard to provide the best full-service IT support to firms across the country.

When it comes to providing fully-scalable IT services and solutions that will enable and empower your workforce, our team at Speedster IT has just what you need. We pride ourselves on supplying a flexible IT service to suit your individual company’s needs. We truly believe that communication is key which is why create a unique strategy to handle change and improvements complete with regular account reviews and meetings with you and your teams.

Our core mantra is to offer an exceptional customer experience being an extension of your business, providing your business the virtual IT department you never knew it needed. Why not speak to our team today and find out how we could help your insurance firm.

Why outsourcing IT support for insurance companies works

Outsourcing IT requirements can feel overwhelming and unsafe but with the right technology partner, it doesn’t need to be. We’ve gained substantial experience working on previous projects with insurers where our team has provided similar requirements to insurance providers.

The key benefits of collaborating with Speedster IT include:

  • Reduces the cost of staff- both from training existing IT teams and the need to hire more people
  • Avoids a shortfall of in-house expertise and the technical skills required to keep on top of the rigorous data protection and security updates across the insurance industry
  • Bridges any skill-shortage and recruitment pains your business may be experiencing hiring the best technical IT support staff
  • Ensures your business will stay up to date with the latest technology and compliant with industry standards
  • Provides the value-added service your business needs, enabling your teams to focus on the ongoing growth and success of the business
  • Specialist support for insurance Legacy Systems

Stepping up to support your workforce

Recognizing the importance of supplying the very best tools for insurance companies, we provide a range of technology services that are specifically designed to help address industry weak points and digital transformation including;

  • Autotask to manage helpdesk support requirements and for driving ticket resolution and SLA reviews with built-in escalations.
  • Autotask is ITIL-compliant and features SLA management which allows insurance firms to keep customer notes, contracts, emails, and incidents in a single location to help settle disputes or issues faster and more accurately.
  • Autotask is an easy-to-use tool for your teams to manage requests quickly and efficiently
  • Working with Speedster IT to incorporate these into your workforce will help directly address some of the pain-points, empowering your in-house teams to keep up to date with tracked changes via AutoTask and SLA.

Speak to our Team for Expert Insurance IT solutions Today

We also provide regular account reviews to incorporate the performance of support services as well as a 24/7 helpdesk with the capacity to help teams of up to 500 users. Partnering with Speedster IT to help manage your IT infrastructure will not only streamline your workforce but offers a number of additional technology benefits including cloud services and file storage.