Restaurant IT Support for UK & London Businesses

Speedster IT are proud to offer restaurant IT support from as little as £15 per user PCM

Our specialist 24×7 restaurant IT support Safeguards and ensures your business can run smoothly

If you’re looking for restaurant IT support that is second to none, Speedster IT is your go-to company. We provide top-notch support to some of the UK’s top 100 restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars, ensuring that your business is running smoothly and efficiently.
When it comes to IT support, the restaurant sector has some unique needs. The technology, hardware, and software you’ll be using here aren’t like that of other industries and the business hours you work.

Point of sale (POS) devices, CCTV, security and fire alarms, and sound systems all require specialist IT knowledge. If something goes wrong, IT teams need to remotely access your infrastructure to get the issue fixed.

You need to strike a balance between guest and business WiFi bandwidth, ensuring one does not negatively impact the other. And you’ll need to consider how you’ll store your payment and inventory documents.

For an IT unit to run successfully and without any hitches, you need specialist professionals to maintain your restaurant operations systems. Consider taking up our free IT support audit for restaurant businesses or read our guide on What is an IT Solutions Company & What Do They Do?

Enhancing the IT Restaurant experience with Managed IT Services

We’ve been providing day to day support services for hospitality businesses to many of the UK’s restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and bars for over a decade. Our services range from 24/7 IT services through to creating solutions that enhance the customer’s technology experience.

This includes:

  • Internet services and guest wifi. To guarantee upload and download speeds that serve both your staff and customers properly. There’s also a back-up connection in case anything goes wrong.
  • Intelligent routing. With more wireless technologies available, this ensures your hardware is set up for the right bandwidth.
  • An IT hub. This should be stored in a location where it cannot be easily damaged or misused.
  • Cabling. We’ll recommend how your cables should be run, terminated, patched and labelled. And we’ll install them.
  • Proactive IT hardware. We can access your hardware remotely to help with speedy configuration changes, diagnostics and issue resolution.