Extensive IT Procurement Services

Helping you find the right IT hardware at competitive prices

The right technology at the right price 

IT departments are often updating, upgrading or growing with the changes to the business and technology landscape. We can assist you with making sure any investment you make is the right one for your business needs and ensure it fits within your budget.

We often see businesses purchase new hardware and software without the technical knowledge of how this will work. This usually leads to investments being wasted. Common problems include a lack of compatibility between audio and visual applications, or between hardware and software (such as Macs and PCs). 

As part of our service, we’ll ask you about what you need to use your setup for. Then we’ll advise on you purchasing choices, ensuring no investment is wasted.  

Our Service  

We have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience on almost every software and hardware offering on the market. We have done extensive research, tested and analysed those products. We can make recommendations and share our knowledge with you. 

With over 10 years of providing IT procurement services, we have access to some great pricing.

Our IT procurement services include:

  • Sourcing the best solution for your requirement at great prices
  • Access to a 24/7/ helpdesk with full management and reporting
  • Desktop, infrastructure, LAN/WAN and application management
  • Systems integration and cloud migration
  • Full remote and onsite support
  • 3-year finance options available

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Procurement that Meets Expectations 

We will take important steps to make sure all IT procurement meets your needs, fits in with any company policies you may have and we will always outline our recommendations. 

This important first step helps ensure that the IT technology you are investing in delivers against your expectations. We supply a comprehensive range of major brands of IT hardware and software at great value. 

Our commitment to keeping pace with innovation is reassuring. Especially when you consider that not all technology advances are reliable. We test what we sell and won’t recommend anything, unless we are fully convinced that the technology is fit for purpose.