IT Support Helpdesk

Onsite and offsite support for your business

Unlimited ticketing and onsite support for London companies

We know software and hardware doesn’t always work the way you want. Things can go wrong at any point, which isn’t helpful when you’re up against the clock on a client deadline. With our IT helpdesk support service, you can take the stress out of technical difficulties. 

Whether you need onsite or offsite support, a whole team or an occasional extra pair of hands, we have a range of options. We’ll be sure to have something that suits your business’s needs and budget.

Our Helpdesk Role

Our helpdesk team is made up of experts in all areas of IT. Our people will quickly assess your requirements and the resolutions you need, whilst keeping you updated as they progress. Unlike other helpdesk providers we offer unlimited call and ticket logging as standard. So you can test the experts all you like without racking up hidden costs.

We offer remote and onsite support, whichever is fastest and more convenient for you. As our team is based in Central London, we can work onsite easily. We like to know the companies we work with so mobile phone numbers of senior staff will be issued to management. 

Your servers and the software on them are monitored by our team so they will normally fix a problem before you even know about it. However, if you notice anything wrong it can be reported by phone, email or on our client portal at any time. 

A 24/7 IT Helpdesk

We have many 24/7 customers, especially in the hospitality sector, and for these organisations having their IT and Internet monitored and remotely dealt with is critical.

For a monthly fixed fee per user, our IT helpdesk service includes:

  • 24/7 IT helpdesk for remote support
  • Unlimited helpdesk support
  • Monthly reports detailing how many calls were logged and trend analysis
  • SLA’s for incident response and resolution