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Voice and Data Services

We specialise in providing a wide range of IT, Connectivity and Telecoms services, allowing us to deliver a fully integrated and completely managed infrastructure suitable to any client. We believe that these services, when efficiently implemented, are vital for growth and a successful future within any organisation.

Voice and Data services

Skype for Business

Skype for Business eliminates the need for old fashioned and expensive conferencing systems, with easy, secure and collaborative ways to interact with customers and colleagues alike. Communication has never been easier with messaging, meetings and screen sharing all available in one application.

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Speedster Business Hosted VoIP

We provide professional business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, scalable for small to medium-sized organisations or multi-site larger corporate environments. Let us help you to create a telecommunications strategy that will help drive your business forward.

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Pathways to Improved Business Communication

As a managed service provider, we would seek first to understand our partnership to accurately define your existing services, hardware and technologies currently in place. That way we can gain a thorough understanding of your organisation and identify any current obstacles that may be hampering productivity or efficiency gains. We would then be in a position to provide a strategy and timeline to unleash business benefits and unlock productivity. Speedster VoIP solutions includes the following features as standard;


Access to insights, a business productivity tool, where you will be provided with powerful call data visualisation through real-time and historical analytic reporting.

Data Saving Built In

Built in data saving and recovery provides your business with a safe platform to grow. It gives you the confidence and knowledge that sensitive information is secure and protected.

Business Continuity

The essential value in modern business of having a solution that is not tied to one location, and that permits quick rerouted calls and moves users if disaster strikes.

Enterprise as standard

The peace of mind that your telephony service is being delivered from a highly resilient, enterprise-grade platform with no single point of failure.

FREE Consultation Workshop

We help organisations to create, plan and deploy a successful long-term IT strategy. Learn how our managed VoIP services can help benefit your business with our FREE consultation workshop.

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