At Speedster you can depend that we will do what we say we will, when we say we will do it and that is something that people expect but don’t always get. Our commitment to delivering a great experience under pins everything we do.


Right from the beginning of many of our client’s journey with Speedster there was a need to tell the client what they sometimes don’t want to hear. This is at the centre of these long standing relationships. We give it to you straight, and always with the best intention.


Everyone at Speedster is carefully selected, they need a can do attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile for a customer smile. This attitude and commitment to each and every task shines through. We care – always.

Expertise & Experience

We know what we are doing both from the fact that we are experts in our field and we are very experienced at delivering projects on time on budget.

Whole IT Spectrum

We provide 360 degree IT Solutions and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that once you have found the perfect IT partner – they can provide anything you need is very reassuring.

Products & Services

we only work supply and recommend products that will deliver against their requirements. As technology is moving at such a pace, it is important to lean on and be advised by someone who thoroughly tests, researches and recommends only the best.