Speedster Becomes a Watchguard Gold Partner in the UK !

What Does Being a Watchguard Gold Partner Mean?

Being a Watchguard Expert Gold Partner means we’re qualified to offer Watchguard services and support. And we’re recognised for doing it at a higher standard than many others who do the same thing. We’re qualified to offer:
  • Watchguard Firewalls and Services 
  • Ongoing customer support at one of the highest levels.
  • Best in class consultation for Watchguard implementation and deployment
And we’re recognised as a leader in the partner community.

How Does Being a Gold Partner Help Our Customers?

Watchguard Gold Partner Speedster IT
  • We get to be early adopters of Watchguard technology. The company’s products are always changing and improving. We’re among the first to know about this. Because we know what’s coming, it means we can give our customers a heads up on how to prepare for these changes and how to make the best of them.
  • We’re meeting high standards. Being familiar with Watchguard products, and how best to use them, isn’t always easy. Many organisations would be lucky to have one or two people on top of it all. We now have a whole team who are trained and ready to help with your requirements.
  • We’re directly linked to Watchguard. Because they’re experts, it’s not often Gold Partners needs to go to Watchguard for help. But when they do, they have direct access to Watchguard support and UK team.

Use Watchguard Products Efficiently

To learn more about the Watchguard cloud, and how we can help you use this platform efficiently, get in touch with Speedster IT today. We’ve been offering support with Watchguard services since we began in 2004 and are well placed to offer you expertise.