Support Gus’s London Marathon DJ World Record Attempt for Cancer Research UK

Join Speedster IT in backing Gus as he sets out to break the Guinness World Record for the “Fastest London Marathon whilst DJing (male)”

A Challenge for a Cause

Gus is not just running 26.2 miles; he’s defying limits by DJing his way through the TCS London Marathon to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK.

An Epic House DJ Mix like Never Before!

Gus, a renowned house DJ, is poised to deliver a live mix that will captivate you. Tune in to experience a boundary-breaking, record-setting performance. Gus F is a versatile musician, DJ, and producer known for his appearances at various events. These include his residency at Dig Deep in Jersey, sets at beach bars, outdoor parties, and live streams like The Beat Laundry and Sunday Sessions. During lockdown, he curated sets and produced music for Secret Sunset’s live streams from picturesque locations in Jersey. Gus F clinched victory in the Sasha/Last Night On Earth x TRAKTOR mix competition in November 2019.

Fighting Cancer, One Step at a Time

With a personal connection to cancer, Gus’s mission goes beyond setting a record. It’s a tribute to his father, and sons friend whos fighting Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for over a year and all those affected by this relentless disease.

Your Support Matters

By supporting Gus’s world record attempt, you are contributing to life-saving research, spreading awareness, and making a difference in the fight against cancer. Every share counts, every donation makes an impact.

Be Part of this DJ Experience

Support Gus London Marathon DJ World Record Attempt for Cancer Research UK Speedster IT

Don’t miss out on this historic event. Tune into Gus’s live mix  (we’ve heard it’s going to be quite epic) and be part of something extraordinary. Feel the energy, groove to the beats, and be amazed by the talent on display.

Marathon DJ Gus will be using a 360 camera and will embed the feed Live on his site here

Gus F – YouTube «< Listen and watch Gus Live! Aiming to start Sunday 21st April 10:00.

Lets help Gus reach his arget of £100,000 Sponsor Gus : Gus F’s £100,000 Marathon DJ World Record Attempt (

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