This Is How to Calculate IT Support Costs

If a business were to lose access to their PC or mobile devices, what would happen? How much work could a business complete when either is down? This is where it pays to be prepared for unexpected IT support costs.

Every business understands how important technology is in daily operations. The hard part for businesses is rarely related to the ease or complexity of the equipment. Rather, it is related to the level of IT support a business should dedicate and how much it will cost.

There are many reasons why technology plays an important role in business. It is no longer a branch of a company; it is a part of the heart. Keep reading to learn how you can calculate how much IT support will cost your business.

The Importance of IT Support in a Business

IT Support Costs

A business should first understand the level of importance technology will have before calculating how much IT support will be. Think about what you want your business to have first.

The main thing most businesses want for themselves and their customers is enhanced security. Cybercriminals are more likely to attack small to mid-sized businesses. With cybercrime on the rise, you need to ensure your business is protected with cybersecurity and quality firewalls.

Hackers grow smarter each year, and security that may have worked for you before may not work now. This is why every company should also use penetration testing.

IT support allows a business to keep up with the competition, improve operational applications, and it works as an excellent aid for companies wanting to transition to Cloud. IT support can allow your business to offer work and complete tasks remotely in a simple, secure manner.

How Much Will IT Support Cost You?

When a business has IT support, they can integrate operational and administrative applications. This improves communication, security, and data transfer. You may wonder how much the average cost of IT support for small businesses will cost.

You will have a knowledgeable person there to help assist you when you have questions. Most businesses desire 24/7 IT support as it is the most cost-effective and appealing option. 365 monitoring allows you to maintain system information at all times, even when your business is closed for the day.

You can choose to hire a person or a group of people to keep in your business or you can get outsourced IT support at a monthly or yearly fee.

IT Support Costs – In-House vs Outsourcing

If you decide to opt for in-house IT support you must hire an IT tech and provide them the person or team a salary. The average cost for an IT technician is £29,000. The median pay rate is more if you hire those with more experience. You also want to keep other expenses in mind asides from the salary.

If they are a full-time employee, you also want to keep benefits, such as health insurance, in mind. This can cost you another few thousand each year for every IT specialist you hire. While an in-house IT tech is not cheap, it may be the most ideal for businesses that depend heavily on IT and need someone present when they need it.

Another option is to get outsourced IT support. You can choose to contract and employ an IT tech or you can get IT support from a service that provides it. Even without a person physically present, you can get quality IT support for a flat fee each month or each year.

Depending on the level of IT support you want, you can expect to pay around £25-£900 a month. This option is most ideal for businesses that want to customize what support they require.

They also have the ability to add or remove any service they need or no longer need. You may be able to save more contracting an IT tech or taking advantage of an IT service compared to hiring an in-house IT specialist.

Tips to Reduce Your IT Support Costs

Tips to Reduce Your IT Support Costs

Almost every business’s nightmare is experiencing downtime. Believe it or not, you could lose thousands in profit when these occurrences happen. This is the main reason why businesses seek IT support as the service can prevent or reduce downtime.

One of the best ways to lower the overall cost of IT operations is to ensure your system is less prone to downtime issues. In the event you lose connection or must force turn off your system (to stop hackers), you can be sure you will always have your backup data available.

Preventing downtimes and having access to data you can back up will allow you to be better prepared to handle emergencies should they arise. Implementing both tips will also allow you to resume operation quickly. You can treat it as if the problem never existed.

You also want to hire the right people for your business. Hiring only those who are trained, experienced, and are aware of what they are doing. This alone will make a huge difference. While cost is important, the quality of the workers you hire is just as vital, if not more.

It Support Is a Must for Every Business

Without technology, it will be hard to run a business efficiently. Without IT support, it will be hard to manage equipment and devices when issues do arise which can cripple operation. Although the average person knows and understands how to use technology, not many know what to do to fix problems that require more than a simple restart.

Getting IT to support from professionals who understand all aspects of technology (software, hardware, applications, and services) can keep your business environment stress-free and productive. It is possible to grow your business with a cost-effective IT service by contacting us if you operate in London.