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Why Speedster WiFi is a secure, cost-effective Wireless Social Alternative

Wireless Social may seem like the only viable option, but there is now a faster, reliable alternative: Speedster Wifi and it’s only from £10pcm.

With our Wireless Social alternative and its advanced security protocols, cost-effective solutions, Speedster Wifi offers hospitality businesses streamlined wifi networking capabilities with increased safety measures like no other.

Whether your company operates solely in the UK or has an international presence, read on to find out why you should consider our Wireless Social alternative and switching to Speedster Wifi as your go-to wireless solution

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How our Wireless Social alternative & Speedster Wifi Can Transform Your Hospitality Business

As a business owner, you want to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

That means offering fast and secure internet access for optimal efficiency and satisfaction.

Our Wireless Social alternative, Speedster Wifi is the perfect solution for any business wanting to upgrade its WiFi system. Let’s break down why you should switch from Wireless Socials Platform to Speedster Wifi today!

Our Wireless Social alternative, Speedster Wifi has had an extensive presence in the global hospitality market for over a decade, with 40 support personnel based centrally in London and 300 clients across the globe.

Our core focus revolves around customer satisfaction, dependable wifi networks, and IT security to ensure your hospitality businesses achieve their desired commercial objectives.

Speedster Wifi is a secure cost effective alternative to social wifi at just £10 per month

Here is Why Our Wireless Social Alternative and Guest Wifi Works So Well

Since 2014, we have been proudly developing guest wifi systems specifically catered to the hospitality industry.

Our innovative products have been highlighted in Big Hospitality, the UK’s leading hospitality publication and a top resource for industry professionals across the country.

During our years of experience, we’ve learned exactly what customers in this field are looking for – reliable and secure guest wifi that suits their individual business needs. 

Make the Switch to Speedster WIFI

Guest WiFi Vulnerability

Access to guest wifi networks has become commonplace in workplaces and businesses, but many are unaware of the importance of robust security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of their networks.

Our guest wifi is designed with these measures in mind. With our guest wifi, you’re in total control of your network security – something no other competitor can compare with!

Minimal Guest Wifi Latency – Network Clogging

Speedster Wifi users can expect minimal latency, meaning faster loading of websites and streaming services.

This is because Speedster utilizes a proprietary network that is designed to reduce lags and buffering issues by routing traffic more efficiently than other companies.

Greater Protection for Your Customers’ Data

The security of your customers’ data should always be a priority—and with Speedster Wifi, it will be.

We offer advanced encryption methods that ensure data remains secure while in transit or at rest on any device connected to your network.

Plus, with its built-in firewall protection that keeps out unwanted intruders, you can rest assured knowing that your customer’s data is safe

Gain Total Control Over Your Guest Wifi Experience

Make your guest journey one to remember with a branded splash page and segmented landing pages for full control. Gain valuable marketing data on visitor habits, enabling you to better understand the who, what, when, and why’s of their visits!

Customizable Guest Wifi Pricing Plan

The last thing businesses want when shopping for wifi solutions is an expensive plan with hidden fees and charges they weren’t expecting. But with Speedster’s customizable pricing plan, this won’t be an issue.

You’ll get a tailored solution based on your needs that won’t break the bank—saving you both time and money!

Ready to set up a secure guest WiFi network?

Upgrade your company’s hospitality WiFi today and unlock unprecedented access speeds as well as top-level security for customer’s data – make the switch Today

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