Business Identity Theft Scams Targeting UK’s Restaurants

Unveiling the Alarming Trend of Identity Theft Scams in UK's Hospitality Scene

Restaurants owned by some of the UK's most renowned chefs have fallen victim to an emerging identity theft scam through UK Companies House.

The scam involves criminals managing to create fake companies at the same address as there genuine restaurants. Allowing cyber criminals to open bank accounts and applying for loans under the business names.

This enables the scammers to ask for a business overdraft, which is withdrawn before they disappear. These criminal networks are targeting UK businesses from all over the world.

Business Identity Theft Scams Targeting UKs Restaurants - How to Stay Protected - Speedster IT ltd

Emerging Hospitality Identity Theft Scam

Please watch out for the following

RED FLAG : If you or your staff have noticed an influx of letters from Companies House, please carefully check the business names on the documents. Look out specifically for additional characters in the registered names.

RED FLAG : Have you also received calls attempting to charge your business for updating company details at Companies House?

RED FLAG : Additionally, have you come across or received bank cards in the name of a "clone company director," indicating that an account has been set up in your businesses name?

We strongly urge all restaurant owners in the UK to officially verify your identity and check whether your businesses have been affected by these identity scams.

Staying One Step Ahead of Identity Theft Scammers in the UK's Restaurant Industry

We can not stress how vital it is for all UK business owners in the hospitality industry to immediately begin implementing security awareness training.

By doing so, you can transform your knowledge and that of your employees into your most powerful defensive asset.

With Speedster's IT security awareness training, you can significantly reduce your organization's risk of experiencing a security disaster by up to 70%.

  • Educate and empower employees to identify and prevent threats, as well as adhere to security best practices.

  • Automate training campaigns and reporting for seamless, "set-it-and-forget-it" training that yields effective results.

  • Get an IT Audit of your systems, process and Infastructure. 

Discover how you can effectively safeguard your business using our cutting-edge digital risk protection solutions. Get in touch with us today if you need help with your business's identity and managing training for your staff to prevent occurrences like this scam from happening again.

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