Next Generation Firewalls

Combines the job of a firewall, antivirus and other security software

Firewalls have gotten smarter

Firewalls are great. They make sure connections between your network and the internet are safe. But they can’t do everything. 

A normal firewall can’t tell you if an application is dangerous. So they can’t stop your employees from downloading and using risky apps. Normal firewalls can’t stop malware or show you if someone is accessing your network without your knowledge. This is called an advanced persistent threat. 

As you can see, IT threats have become more sophisticated. So has IT security.

A Normal Firewall, With More 

A next generation firewall (NGF) can do everything a normal firewall does and more. It can scan apps for security flaws and stop your users from accessing them. 

NGFs can stop malware for entering your network, which can get in sneakily and steal data. And they can prevent unauthorised users from quietly joining your network.

An NGF can be an all-in-one for a regular firewall, antivirus and other security software. Which is ideal if you’re on a tighter IT security budget.