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Introducing our popular, well established unlimited IT support plan that offers telephone, remote, and on-site support.

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Unlimited IT Support for London Businesses

If you’re looking for an IT company that can help you with all your IT Support needs, then look no further than Speedster IT.

Speedster IT is the perfect solution for businesses that need highly available and experienced technicians with fixed monthly fee for organisations that need unlimited IT support across all areas of your business.

Our team of highly trained professionals are available 24/7 to help you with any IT issue you may have. As well as delivering a thriving customer experience for IT support – we also provide a wide range of services to make sure that your business is running smoothly.

These services include IT procurement, Internet and VoIP Services, Microsoft 365 and Azure implementations including migrations, Network infrastructure, a wide range of wireless solutions and IT Director consultancy.

We have many customers that lean on us for all of the above and others that just deal with some of the services – what is clear is that having all of the above capabilities in-house without outsourcing ensures that we can always see the bigger picture. 

If you would like an IT Support Audit of your current systems in place, contact us today 0203 011 1234 or sales@speedster-it.com

Our Speedster IT engineers are here to help you with your technology issues, first time, every time.

When calling into our support team one of our technicians will answer the phone, the issue will be triaged as quickly as possible on the call and tackled whilst on the call or escalalated to appropriate resource and you will be called back once we have established the fix. The diagram below indicates response times.

Guaranteed response times depend on the priority of the item(s) affected and the severity of the issue. They are shown in the table below:

it support issue severity response times

Speedster IT is the perfect solution for businesses with 24/7 coverage and emergency IT needs.

So if you’re looking for an efficient and affordable solution, Speedster IT is the answer.

The Benefits of Having Unlimited IT Support

Businesses that desire growth and sustainability need to have a reliable IT support system in place. By having unlimited IT support, business owners can rest assured that their technology needs will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the benefits of having unlimited IT support:

1) No hesitation on raising tickets – When you have unlimited IT support and costs do not escalate with the increase in support requests/requirements it allows a freedom to let all users raise tickets confident that charges are fixed – your users can then can get help immediately when there is a problem. This means less time spent waiting for repairs, and fewer disruptions in your workday.

2) Increased efficiency for out of hours support – With 24/7 support available, you can get help with any technology issue no matter what time it is. This helps keep the stress low and helps keep you productive especially when last minute issues occur ahead of big meetings early in the morning or last thing at night.

3) Proactive approach – early warning systems – Wherever possible we set up monitoring and notifications against all infrastructure and internet services – this gives us a very early indicator of what has happened and the effect on a clients IT services – we often know there is something in need of attention before you do and on many occasions we have fixed the issue before users were even aware of a problem.

Thankfully, UNLIMITED IT Support reduces the chances of these problems happening in the first place. By understanding common technology issues and taking steps to mitigate them, we can help keep your business on track – no headaches required!

Need On-Site Tech Support in London?

No problem, on-site assistance is included and it’s unlimited too!

We understand that businesses need to rely on their IT systems to function properly. That’s why we offer unlimited IT support call outs/site visits to businesses in and around central London.

Many of our clients who work in the banking and finance sectors, as well as the hospitality and restaurant industries, find that unlimited IT support is essential for their businesses.

Having around-the-clock access to IT support can help resolve any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently, ensuring that business operations are not disrupted. In addition, unlimited IT support can also provide peace of mind to businesses and their employees, knowing that there is always someone available to help with any IT problems.

Whether you need assistance with setting up a new computer system or troubleshooting an existing one, unlimited IT support can be an invaluable resource.

We know that when something goes wrong, you need it fixed fast. That’s why our team of engineers are never more than 30 minutes away.

So you can call us and we’ll be there to help. We’re committed to providing a high quality service that helps keep your business running smoothly.

How to get started with our unlimited IT support plan – whats included?

Prior to the commencement of any IT Support services we would need to carry out a pre-support audit to collect all the information required to support the IT set up so we can document all aspects and report against any concerns with recommendations from a security and productivity perspective.

This would include looking at any improvements to configuration or set up ensuring that monitoring and notifications are available and ready to be turned on in the onboarding process.

The audit also captures key business applications whether these are hosted on-premise or in the cloud – it is vital we have a full picture of all IT services including third parties and there integration into the core network.

A summary of the areas included within the audit are:

Internet connectivity – bandwidth available and resilience of services

Firewall and security – including external access to services via VPN etc

Applications running on Servers – whether hosted on-premises or cloud based – email, file storage and sharing, instant messaging, conferencing solutions etc

Disaster recovery and Backups – understand what resilience is built in to cover services in case of emergency scenarios

Networking and infrastructure – Includes comms cabinet, patching, switches, wireless services and telephony

Security enhancements at endpoints and user applications– anti-virus, Phishing and ransomware protection

Directors strategic requirements – a discussion to understand the business growth and plans going forward so any changes required in the IT environment are considered within the audit

If you would like to know more about our Unlimited IT Support services please do not hesitate to get in touch – we would recommend if you are considering outsourced IT Support that you make contact as early as possible – we look forward to hearing from you

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