Cyber Security Consultancy London

Several layers of protection covering your people, processes and technology. Speedster IT are a leading Cyber Security Consultancy in London. We protect your business from data breaches and losses, to insider threats, Ransomware, Malware and more.

Cyber Security Matters – Protect your business with robust Cyber Security

Cyber security works best with an approach that covers several layers of protection, factoring in all the elements you need to keep safe. By educating your people on how they can maintain security, by developing processes for preventing and responding to an attack and investing in resilient technology, you can maximise on risk reduction. We can offer you a tactical path to strengthening your cyber security.

Why Choose Speedster IT ?

When you choose us, we become a virtual IT department with a complete knowledge of your company and its security needs. We’ll help you maintain your strengths and enable you to improve on your weaknesses. We offer uniquely uncapped monthly access to our IT support desk. It doesn’t matter how many concerns your team has – they can call us at anytime without racking up additional costs.

We’ve helped all of our clients to understand how technology can enable growth and increase productivity. This is something that’s particularly relevant in the case of cyber security. When you’ve got the hardware and software with the most appropriate security functionality in place, you can feel assured knowing that safety has been considered and focus on the more important tasks at hand.

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Cyber Security Consultancy London

Our cyber security service is made up of six key features. Each of these has been designed to maximise your organisation’s strengths and build on any fragility.

Managed Firewall Solutions

Our solution includes building a firewall with regular updates to ensure you always have the right safeguards in place, intrusion detection to warn of both incoming and outgoing risks, plus educating your staff on good internet safety practices.

Anti Virus and Malware Protection

Tightening up your technology’s protection, reducing your chances of falling victim to malware or other malicious activities.

Security Auditing and Compliance Assistance

Helping your people, processes and technology to be as secure as possible when it comes to cyber security.

Social Engineering and Phishing

Educating your employees to be careful about which emails they open. Things to look out for include sender information, subject lines and content. Read our blog on social engineering red flags to watch out for in any email.


We can provide auditing before and after Ransomware threats, offering advice on how to prevent and recover from attacks. Read our blog on  : What is ransomware.

Reporting and Tracking

Covering user usage, internal data and data leak protection. We’ll provide you with a full picture on your company’s cyber status.

Cyber Security Health Check

Before you make any big decisions regarding your organisation’s cyber security, it’s worth getting a clear image of what this currently looks like.
It measures:

  • Your people’s knowledge of cyber security, to see if there’s anything essential they need to know
  • The processes you have, to see how you’d respond to a cyber attack and if this could be more practical
  • The technology at your company, to see if there’s any way you you could use it more effectively

We’ll report on how well you’re doing in each of these areas, and advise you on what action you can take to boost your resilience to attacks.