IT Solutions For Bars & Pubs

We provide a range of safe and secure IT solutions for bars and pubs across the UK to help keep them and their punters online, all the time.

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Helping to keep bars and pubs afloat with reliable IT solutions

What is an IT Solutions Company & What Do They Do?

As experienced IT providers for the hospitality industry, we know that running bars or pubs isn’t just about keeping customers happy and drinks topped up, which is why our leading IT solutions for bars and pubs offer much more than providing fast-performing Wi-Fi.

Managing multiple venues can be a nightmare for business owners – having a standardised set up can massively improve IT performance and reduce staff stress 

Our team recognizes that bars and pubs have unique IT needs which is why we always offer an initial IT audit to understand the current technologies and any issues at play before creating a bespoke and high-performing IT solution for your particular venue. From applying hardware and software to help enhance your pubs or bars to providing secure wireless technology- nothing is too complex for our IT team.

Serving up the best in IT support for the hospitality sector

Having worked extensively to supply quality IT support across a wide range of hospitality companies, we’ve gained a lot of experience working on client’s issues and solving their technology nightmares. Our remote team considers themselves as an extension of your own business, offering 24-hour IT support, 365 days a year. Much like the hospitality industry, we know your business never sleeps which is why our team can be available whenever things go wrong from an IT perspective.

We offer a range of IT services suitable for bars and pubs including:

  • Internet services and guest wi-fi We’re dedicated to keeping your punters happily browsing on s safe, secure network as well as supplying a back-up connection, just in case anything goes wrong. Our guest Wi-Fi also guarantees upload and download speeds that serve both your staff and customers properly, so you can continue to run a successful business without interruption.
  • Intelligent routing We always install the latest wireless technologies available when it comes to routing so you can be ensured your hardware is set up for the right bandwidth to handle even the busiest times.
  • Wireless sound systems Our team works with the latest in wireless technology including state of the art sound systems that will keep your soundtracks flowing seamlessly without disrupting the decor with wires.
  • CCTV systems We recognize security is one of the most important assets to your business which is why we install the best in CCTV systems for the entire building. We also offer immediate backups for all systems so if you need to revisit an event, we can help you.
  • Tills and contactless payment devices Being able to make seamless transactions is another essential part of running any bars or pubs so having reliable till technology is vital. We can install the latest in contactless payment devices and till systems to help improve your customer experience whilst keeping track of all takings.
  • Professional phones and VoIP We understand how critical business phone services are to pubs and bars. We aim to understand and to deliver the best fit solution. We can provide corporate-grade features that start at a low cost. With reporting on missed calls, unlimited calls*, mobile incorporation, management information, auto attendant and IVR, call recording, voicemail, and recordings for out of hours.

Why not in touch with our friendly team today on 0203 011 1234 and find out just how we can help your business. We’ll arrange a review of your current setup, as well as suggest how you could be using it more efficiently to help run your bars or pubs seamlessly.