Penetration Testing

Get a hacker’s point of view of your network and find out what you can do to protect it

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Discover your network’s weak points

How easily could a hacker breach your network? Have you thought about your weak points? Most people don’t until after a breach. By which time they’ve already had sensitive data stolen. 

Small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) are becoming a meatier target for hackers. They don’t have as much money to steal as bigger companies but they’ve got fewer resources to defend themselves with. When a hacker holds an SMB owner to ransom, they often have no choice but to pay. That’s because the business can’t function without their network.  

And since GDPR was introduced, companies risk facing a huge fine for not handling a data breach properly. For SMBs, this can be unaffordable. So you need to prove you’re thinking of your network’s security and the best way to protect it.

A Hacker’s View

A penetration test gives you a hacker’s point of view of your network. We invite a 3rd party to try and breach your system. You won’t know who they are or when this is happening.

We’ll share a report of their attempt with you. This will show you what your network’s weak points are and what we can do to strengthen them. 

In the event of a breach, our report can be used as proof of complying with GDPR. It’ll show regulators the actions you’ve taken to prevent a breach.