Transforming Speedster IT Offices: A Creative 20th Anniversary Makeover by DS Art

DS Art and the Power of Office Makeovers

Speedster IT Celebrating 20th Year in Business - Office Transformation - DS Art


Known for his unique artistic style. DS has been known to display his visionary stencil art alongside some of the ‘greats’ of the street art world.

DS has Worked with some of the finest iconic brands such as Harrods, MG, The Huffington Post, Innocent Smoothies to name a few. With numerous commissions under his belt, DS is well-versed in transforming spaces into visual masterpieces that leave a lasting impression

Speedster IT Celebrating 20th Year in Business - Office Transformation with DS Art - Bespoke Art for your Company

DS has given the Speedster IT office space a truly captivating makeover.

Speedster IT – being “Experts in the Cloud” its entirely appropriate that the makeover should feature some of DS’s stencils of Speedster clouds

The collaboration between Speedster IT and DS has resulted in a bespoke art experience that not only reflects the companies' innovative, entrepreneurial spirit but also celebrates their 20-year business anniversary.

DS's distinctive stencil art has brought life and vibrancy to the walls, creating an inspiring story,atmosphere and serving as a captivating talking point for both employees and visitors.

This office redesign is not just about interior design, it represents a commitment to fostering a culture of creativity within Speedster IT. The presence of DS's artwork serves as a constant reminder that originality and artistic expression are valued within the company.

With his exceptional talent and unique style, DS has left an indelible East London mark on the Speedster IT office space – one that will continue to inspire creativity for years to come.

Cheers DS!